Promises Made, Promises Kept

A True Fiscal Conservative

Voted for... 
  • Decreasing state spending by 3% 
  • $100 million in direct property tax relief (decreasing Statewide Property Tax)
  • Reducing the Meals and Rentals Tax (9.01% to 8.5%)
  • Reducing the Business Enterprise Tax (0.6% to 0.55%)
  • Reducing the Business Profits Tax, TWICE (7.7% to 7.6%, and then to 7.5%)
  • Eliminating the Interest and Dividends Tax over 5 years, making NH officially an income tax free state and helping protect retirees' hard-earned savings
  • $100 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans exempt from taxation
  • Exempting 30,000 small businesses from filing taxes
  • Exempted businesses from paying state taxes on federal relief money, so businesses would not be forced to pay taxes on money intended to keep them afloat during the pandemic
  • Eliminating emergency unemployment insurance surcharges
  • Eliminating hundreds of unfilled state positions 
  • A Constitutional amendment to ban any future income tax
  • A Constitutional amendment to ban a broad-based sales tax
  • A Constitutional amendment that would have prevented municipalities from raising property taxes greater than 2 percent per year on all citizens and no greater than 1 percent per year on disabled citizens or senior citizens
  • Bringing more resources to Wolfeboro, like education and infrastructure funding
  • Reform the definition of “veteran” to ensure that any veteran who served in any active duty status and continues to serve qualifies for the veterans’ property tax credits
  • Over $1 BILLION in tax savings for Granite Staters over the next decade!
  • Building a Rainy Day Fund up to $257 million over the biennium, the highest in state history!
Voted against...
  • A Sales Tax
  • An Income Tax
  • Increasing property taxes
  • Subsidizing oversized and wasteful city budgets
Bringing Resources, Not Costs, to Our Towns
Voted for... 
  • Increasing the Meals and Rentals Tax distributions to municipalities by $50.5 million
  • Local flexibility over American Rescue Plan funds for infrastructure in Wolfeboro
  • $15.6 million in new funding for wastewater projects 
  • $69.7 million in highway block grants for towns and cities
  • $13.6 million in state aid for municipal bridge projects in 2021
  • $66 million more in state aid for municipal bridge projects in 2022
  • Increasing education spending by $102 million, with state aid totaling $2.2 billion
  • $30 million in new school building aid
  • $24 million in Extraordinary Needs Grants to NH school districts
  • $35 million more for free or reduced meal student populations
  • $35 million for the Relief Funding Plan, helping school districts with fiscal need
  • $67.2 million more to fully fund special education aid for higher-cost students (formerly known as “catastrophic aid”) to school districts
  • $18 million for career and technical education (CTE) tuition and transportation aid to school districts
  • $1.5 million for the NH Robotics Education Development Program
  • $100 million in funding to combat substance abuse
  • $8 million for community health programs and mobile crisis teams
  • $3 million to help veterans and seniors recover from social isolation
  • $25 million in additional money for the Affordable Housing Fund
  • $1 million for body-worn cameras for law enforcement
  • $122 million for the broadband matching grant initiative, expanding broadband
  • One-time payment to municipalities to reduce municipal retirement payments and provide property tax relief
  • Establishing a voluntary Paid Family and Medical Leave Program!
Voted against... 
  • Exporting our local property tax dollars to other school districts
  • Using small business taxes to subsidize oversized and wasteful city budgets
  • Increasing costs on our local government and school district
  • Increasing property taxes or downshifting costs
  • Decreasing infrastructure spending
  • Decreasing funding for domestic energy projects
Public Safety and Immigration
Voted for...
  • Defending, not defunding, our law enforcement and other first responders
  • Defending qualified immunity for first responders and public employees
  • Ending the catch and release of violent criminals, and fixing NH's bail system
  • Increasing the statute of limitations for minor victims of assault, allowing additional time for children to come forward 
  • Establishing an enhanced penalty for those who have prior convictions for driving under the influence of drugs or liquor 
  • Providing $500,000 to the Internet Crimes Against Children Fund 
  • Investing in Granite Shield, which continues to work on drug trafficking interdiction aimed at preventing the supply of illegal drugs from entering NH 
  • Increasing funding for police body-worn and dashboard cameras 
  • Taking steps to fix our first responders' retirement system and restoring our promises to NH's first responders 
  • Giving death benefits to a first responder's family if the first responder dies from suicide
Voted Against... 
  • Defund the police policies like ending qualified immunity
  • Telling drug traffickers, human traffickers, and illegal immigrants about immigration checkpoints 24 hours in advance
  • Allowing so-called "sanctuary cities" to evade federal immigration laws
  • Giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants
Defending the 2nd Amendment
Voted for... 
  • Co-sponsored a bill that added additional pistols permitted for the taking of deer 
  • Protecting and defending open carry laws across the Granite State
  • Allowing individuals to stand their ground anywhere on their property
  • Allowing individuals to defend their friends or family anywhere on their property
  • Expanding constitutional carry to OHRVs and snowmobiles
  • Preventing towns or cities from violating the 2nd Amendment or constitutional carry
  • Preventing NH law enforcement from enforcing the Biden Administration's anti-second amendment executive orders and other anti-second amendment laws
  • Repealing the costly NH Gun Line, which is an inaccurate background check
  • A Constitutional amendment that would have prevented the legislature from making any law restricting the right to own, carry, or use firearms or firearm accessories
Voted against... 
  • An unconstitutional red flag gun law
  • Any and all legislation that violates the 2nd Amendment or gun owners' rights
Protecting Life and Promoting Liberty
Voted for... 
  • Education Savings Accounts, providing school choice without tax increases
  • The Parental Bill of Rights, preventing the withholding of secrets from parents
  • Expanding the eligibility of the Education Tax Credit, providing more educational choices for families and children
  • Promoting access to school curriculum materials for parents to review
  • Banning discrimination from NH's classrooms
  • Improving our current homeschooling laws
  • Ending late-term abortions (7th, 8th, & 9th month), except when a mother's life is in danger, protecting a fetus after viability
  • Voted over 5 times to defend the Fetal Life Protection Act
  • Ending partial-birth abortions (the Born Alive Act!)
  • Protecting Religious Liberties and the right to exercise religious beliefs
  • Making religious services and activities considered an essential service
  • Medical Freedom and freedom from forced vaccinations
  • Preventing the state from enforcing federal vaccine mandates
  • Prohibiting the state from requiring businesses to require documentation related to vaccination or immunity status
  • Banning publicly imposed vaccine passports
  • Removing bureaucrats' powers over people's personal health decisions
  • Preventing financial institutions from discriminating against any American
  • Much-needed reforms and oversight of the Governor’s Emergency Powers
Voted against...
  • Removing powers from municipal boards or governments
  • Government mandates on businesses or other costly regulations
  • Any and all kinds of illegitimate government overreach
Restoring Faith in Our Elections
Voted for... 
  • Protecting New Hampshire's elections from federal overreach by prohibiting the implementation of measures from the "For the People Act" in the state, county, and local elections 
  • Authorizing an audit of the Windham State Representative Race
  • Mandated photographs to be taken of voters who register using the affidavit form, deterring voter fraud and double voting
  • Mandating towns to conduct thorough procedures for verifying voter checklists, ensuring more security in our elections
  • Modifying the actions that supervisors of the checklist must take to enroll voters on the checklist and modifying the absentee voter affidavit to make our elections more secure and assure that voters who transfer voter registration from another state are handled properly
  • Requiring that city and town clerks report daily on candidates who declare runs for office, making information more accessible and transparent 
  • Making our absentee ballot lists electronic, allowing political parties and candidates to receive and subscribe to absentee ballot lists, and making the election process more transparent 
  • Permitting cities and towns to modernize our elections by using electronic poll books to review and maintain our voter rolls
  • Strengthening the integrity of New Hampshire’s election by banning any electronic voting machine from having access to or being connected to the internet
  • Increasing confidence in New Hampshire’s elections by requiring that the Secretary of State conduct audits of ballots cast in the 2022 primary and general elections
  • Clarifying the chain of custody of ballot boxes after an election to ensure that procedures are clear for election officials to follow
  • Increasing penalties for election official misconduct
  • Improving verification of voter affidavits
Voted Against...
  • Any and all bills that would undermine the security or integrity of  our elections
Other Successes
Voted for... 
  • Giving our most economically vulnerable retirees a one-time $500 bonus to fight President Biden's inflation
  • Expanding university system and community college system tuition waivers for the children of disabled veterans
  • Providing in-state tuition to any university system or community college system institution for military-connected students 
  • Protecting our state parks and public waters from costly landfill projects
  • Setting standards for statewide PFAS contamination remediation standards and providing $25M for the PFAS Remediation Loan Fund 
  • Improving testing for lead in drinking water in schools and childcare centers 
  • Keeping the NH work requirement for collecting state benefits
  • Limiting regulations on logging trucks to help our timber industry
  • Requiring NH to divest from investments in companies located in China
  • Including the National Suicide Prevention hotline on student ID cards
  • Taking several major steps toward making career technical education programs more available to high school students to enable New Hampshire to better meet the demand for a well-prepared workforce
  • Protecting local control of government and preventing state overreach
Voted Against... 
  • Removing free menstrual products from public schools
  • Anything that would ruin the NH Advantage or our 'Live Free or Die' values
I worked with Senator Shaheen's Office to save the Tuftonboro General Store Post Office. We were able to facilitate the creation of a new contract and keep the historic post office operational.
Working across the aisle by...
  • Co-signing or sponsoring over 50 bipartisan bills 
  • Worked with over 50 Republicans and over 50 Democrats 
  • Delivering on nonpartisan issues to improve Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro, and NH
Legislation Signed Into Law!
Getting the job done...
  • HB79This bill modifies the law regarding town health officers by deleting the residency requirement, adding a training requirement and a criminal background check, and adding a reporting requirement.
  • HB163: This bill requires alternative treatment centers to prepare information regarding the risk of cannabis use during pregnancy. The bill also requires the commissioner of the department of health and human services to prepare a brochure relative to the risk of cannabis use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • HB192: This bill adds additional pistols permitted for the taking of deer.
  • SB24: This bill amends the charter of the Brewster Academy by increasing the membership on the Brewster Academy board of trustees. The bill also allows Brewster Academy to amend its charter in accordance with the provisions of RSA 292:7 governing the powers of voluntary corporations.
  • HB115This bill defines and regulates "wake surfing" so the sport is done in accordance with laws that regulate other water sports (ie. having spotters and requiring a life jacket). It will help improve user safety and decrease liability for local businesses like water sport charters. This bill is a result of a 2019 commission to study wake boats, and it was requested by NH Marine Patrol.
  • HB101: This bill requires counties to close their books 90 days following the end of the fiscal year unless granted an extension by the commissioner of revenue administration. This will ensure our county government is efficient and effective.
  • HB479: This bill includes pharmacists as providers for certain covered services including Medicaid and authorizes pharmacists to provide nicotine cessation therapy pursuant to a standing order from a physician, physician assistant, or APRN and to be reimbursed under Medicaid. The bill also prohibits pharmacy benefit managers from requiring additional accreditation of health care providers.  
  • HB120: This bill requires the department of health and human services to provide medication monitoring for children in foster care and to ensure that the use of medication restraint conforms with the limitations of RSA 126-U. The bill will prevent the overprescribing of psychoactive drugs to foster care children.
  • HB99: This bill requires that any person seeking to anchor a floating dock, seasonal platform, inflatable platform or float on public waters of the state adhere to requirements specified by the department of safety, division of marine patrol. The bill will make it easier for people to retrieve the lost rafts too. 
  • HB381: This bill authorizes laboratory testing without a licensed medical practitioner's order, making it easier for Granite Staters to get medical testing and providing more freedom to consumers.
  • HB95: Expanding the types of raw milk products that can be sold in NH. The bill will allow for the sale of raw milk yogurt and ice cream.
  • HB1316: Directing the director of the state police to develop requirements for eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft. The bill will improve safety for the use of eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft in NH.
  • HB1613: Relative to certain liquor manufacturers. The bill authorizes a liquor manufacturer distilling less than 1,000 cases of liquor per year to sell its liquor at its facility for off-premises consumption and establishes fees for domestic liquor manufacturers based on the number of cases they produce per year. Essentially, we will provide more opportunities for the growing micro-distillery industry in NH.
  • HB1256: Relative to positions within the department of military affairs and veterans services, making an appropriation to the state regenerative manufacturing workforce development fund, and adjusting and making an appropriation relative to the Medicaid reimbursement rates for ambulance services. The bill does a few things:
    • I.  Renames the position of cemetery superintendent to cemetery director and establishes duties and salary classifications for that office.
    • II.  Alters the list of positions the adjutant general nominates for appointment.
    • III.  Renames the position of administrator of the division of community-based military programs to director of the division of community-based military programs and establishes the salary classification for that office.
    • IV.  Makes an appropriation to the state regenerative manufacturing workforce development fund.
    • V.  Increases the Medicaid reimbursement rates for ambulance services and makes an appropriation thereof.
  • HB1535: Relative to a one-time allowance for certain state retirees. The bill grants a one-time $500 additional allowance to certain retirees in the state retirement system. These retirees are those on the tightest retirement incomes and hurt the most by President Biden's inflation.
  • HB1587: Relative to the determination of average final compensation under the retirement system and making an appropriation thereof. The bill modifies the calculation of compensation paid in excess of the full base rate of compensation under the definition of average final compensation in the retirement system for group II persons hired before July 1, 2011, who did not vest before January 1, 2012.  The bill makes an appropriation to the retirement system for funding the cost of the change. In layman's terms, the state will be keeping its promise to our retired law enforcement and first responders and properly funding their retirement.
  • HB1594: Relative to assistance to certain students with disabilities in registering to vote. The bill provides for students with an individualized education program or accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to discuss including voter registration in the student's plan.
  • SB404: Establishing a supplemental nutrition assistance program. This bill establishes a supplemental nutrition assistance outreach program, which will help families access food and keep more federal dollars in NH. 
  • SB424: Relative to renewable energy and natural gas. The bill authorizes the recovery of costs related to a utility's procurement of natural gas, and other qualified investments, upon approval of the public utilities commission. Simply put, the bill will promote biogas production, a renewable energy that burns captured methane from our waste (burning the fumes of our garbage).
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