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2022 Endorsements 

Endorsers of the Deshaies / MacDonald ticket for 2022:​
  • Gov. Chris Sununu (R-Newfields), current Governor of NH
  • Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro), current State Senator for District 3
  • Hon. Harold B. Parker (R-Wolfeboro), former State Representative and Assistant Majority Leader
  • Hon. Steve Schmidt (R-Wolfeboro), former State Representative and Assistant Majority Leader
  • Lisa Scott (R-Sandwich), Carroll County Register of Deeds
  • Rep. Karel Crawford (R-Moultonborough)
  • Brad Harriman, Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen
  • Dave Senecal, Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen
  • Luke Freudenberg, Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen
  • Brian Deshaies, Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen
  • Steve Wood, Wolfeboro Police Commissioner
  • Shawn Coope, Wolfeboro Police Commissioner
  • Bob Moholland, Wolfeboro Budget Committee
  • Thomas Bell, Wolfeboro Budget Committee
  • Beverly Bruce (Tuftonboro), Community Leader
  • Bob Bird (Wolfeboro), Community Leader
  • Robb Thomson (Wolfeboro), Son of former NH Governor Mel Thomson Jr. (R)
  • National Rifle Association of America, Gun Owners and 2nd Amendment
  • New England Police Benevolence Association, Law Enforcement
  • New Hampshire Police Association, Law Enforcement
  • NH Troopers Association, Law Enforcement 
Endorsers of just Rep. Brodie Deshaies:
  • Professional Fire Fighters of NH, First Responders
  • NH State Corrections Supervisors (SEA Chapter 255), Law Enforcement
Pledges Taken: 
  • Coalition of NH Taxpayers, Taxpayer Pledge
  • U.S. Term Limits, Term Limits for Congress Pledge
  • Americans for Tax Reform, Taxpayer Protection Pledge
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