How You Can Testify On Legislation

Here are some directions to help you testify on legislation that has been introduced in the State House or State Senate.
Testifying on legislation in front of House Committees:​​
  1. You will need to follow the House of Representatives Digital Calendar to know when committees meet and when a public hearing will happen (links to calendars below).
  2. This calendar is constantly updated and will tell you when and where different committees meet. Most committees meet in the Legislative Office Building behind the State House. 
All public testimony will be done in person, by email, or by letter. There is also a portal to register for or against legislation and submit testimony:
How to follow the Legislative Schedule in the House and Senate:​​​ 
The legislative calendars are regularly updated for both the House and Senate.
  1. Here is a link to the official Legislative Schedule for the House: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/schedule/dailyschedule.aspx
  2. Here is a link to the official Legislative Schedule for the Senate: http://gencourt.state.nh.us/senate/schedule/dailyschedule.aspx
And here are some directions to help you participate in Public Input for Carroll County Delegation Meetings and directions for only watching these meetings.
How you can join and participate, or watch, Carroll County Delegation meetings:  
  1. You will need to call the Carroll County Business Office at (603) 539-7751 for log-in credentials. Someone will provide you with online access to the upcoming meeting. 
  2. Meetings are done as a hybrid with in-person and online video conferencing (Zoom) options. Public Agendas are published online before every meeting. These Public Agendas contain the date and time for upcoming meetings. They can be found on the Carroll County website: https://www.carrollcountynh.net/node/37/agenda
  3. You are more than welcome to join us in person too! The meeting agendas will have when and where we meet.  
You can also view meetings as they happen on https://governmentoversite.com, or view
past meetings by using this link: https://governmentoversite.com/delegation/carroll-county
If you have any questions, please, use the Contact Brodie page on this website, and I will be happy to help.